Sharing Some Good News

I thought I would write a quick post to share a couple of pieces of good news.

This week I found out that I was chosen to give a presentation at the virtual Americans with Disabilities Act Symposium in early May. I submitted two proposal ideas; I don’t yet know if one or both of them were selected for presentation. I’m supposed to find out in a couple of weeks.

This is exciting news, because the Symposium is the biggest conference of people in the disability field. My presentation could be seen by a hundred or more people from across the disability field. That kind of exposure could help me find the kind of career change I’m hoping to find this year.

A few days ago I found out I was accepted to join the ADA Training Leadership Network. I will complete the course work during the month of February. Then, I will be part of the group. Membership will give me access to all kinds of training resources and a network of others who regularly train people on the ADA.

I’m excited about this, because I believe every certification helps. Since I do lots of training, I have wanted this for a couple of years.

Access to the training materials will also be very helpful for me, because I should be able to use the resources to have access to training materials that have photos. While that may sound strange, I know sighted people, for the most part, really need visual stimulation. Since I can’t see where I’m placing photos in my presentations, I don’t include them. But I know to be a more effective trainer, I need to include more visuals in my presentations.

These are little things. But as the cold, wet winter continues, it’s nice having bit of good news to think about.

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