Reviewing Night Shift

Night Shift is the latest in Robin Cook’s Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery series. I have read almost all of the Jack and Laurie medical thrillers and several of Robin Cook’s other books. As always with one of Cook’s books, I was entertained and mildly educated by reading Night Shift.

Sue Paserro is one of Laurie’s closest friends. When Sue dies in her car in the garage at the Manhattan Memorial Hospital, Jack and Laurie believe her death is related to her diabetes. But Jack, who also wants a diversion from what is happening at home, can’t put to rest his thoughts that Sue’s death was not an accident.

As the story unfolds, Jack comes to realize that Sue’s death was most likely a homicide. The question is will he figure out who committed the murder before it’s too late?

If you enjoy medical fiction, Night Shift will not disappoint. That’s especially true if you enjoy Robin Cook’s books.

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