Reviewing Burden of Proof

Scott Turow’s Burden of Proof is another in the Kindle County series. Burden of Proof, like many books in the series, features Alejandro (Sandy) Stern. As a lawyer, I like the Sandy Stern character. I, of course, don’t always agree with Stern, but he is a very well done character. As too are the rest of his family, their associates, and the stories Turow creates involving them.

Burden of Proof is legal fiction set in 1989. As someone who grew up in the ’80s, I appreciate books from times before the internet, cell phones, and the rest of the digital age. It’s nice reading about a time period I experienced but that is not much like the time period I’m living in now.</p.

Early in Burden of Proof Sandy’s wife, Clara, commits suicide. In trying to learn what happened Sandy discovers shocking interplay between his wife’s suicide and the ongoing legal case of his brother-in-law, who Sandy is representing.

While I enjoyed Burden of Proof, I do have to say that the ending, while not entirely predictable, was a bit too convenient. I would have liked to have seen a more challenging, emotional way out of the predicament than Turow gave us.

That being said, I enjoyed Burden of Proof, and I will continue reading the series.

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