Reviewing Intervention

Robin Cook’s Intervention is another in the Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery series. I have always enjoyed reading about Jack and Lori. This was no exception.

Jack and Laurie’s baby boy is four months old. Shortly after birth, he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma (a childhood cancer that causes tumors throughout the body). While Laurie takes care of their son, Jack is looking for a distraction to keep him from thinking about his son’s illness. After losing his first wife and two children in a plane crash, Jack is having a hard time facing the potential death of his third child.

Shawn Daughtry is an archeologist. Accompanying his wife to a conference in Egypt, Shawn discovers an ancient codex with secrets of a Biblical proportion.

The codex leads Shawn to Rome and a visit to Saint Peter’s tomb.

Shawn and his wife return to New York City with what they believe are the remains of the virgin Mary. When Shawn flaunts his potential discovery to Cardinal James O’Rourke, another friend from college, O’Rourke asks Jack to help talk sense into Shawn. If Shawn publishes his find, it will be bad news for the church and maybe for O’Rourke’s career.

Even though I’m not religious and the characters debating the Bible was a bit much for me, I enjoyed Intervention. The moral questions the characters face were interesting. The ending was surprising.

If you like medical thrillers, you will enjoy Intervention.

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