Personal Updates for September 15, 2020

This post has updates on how I have been feeling lately, my exercise, and our search for a new dog.

How I Have Been Feeling Lately

With everything that has been happening, I think most of us are having some trouble feeling our best. For me, it really hit this week. Staying inside to avoid the smoky, hazardous air got to me more than I was expecting.

I really love being outside. Usually, I relish this time of year because I know the rainy season is coming. As I have been writing about, shooting baskets has been a wonderful relief for me lately. Missing the sun, knowing it will largely be gone soon, and not shooting baskets was kind of like the final straw.

Yesterday morning, I had a hard time getting going. I was very tired and a bit depressed. Today, was a little better. On top of the stress at work, everything that has come with coronavirus, and now being inside all the time, has left me feeling down. Sunday afternoon, I put on sweatpants. That was a bad sign. Shorts are a sign of sun, summer, and being outside. Sweatpants are a sign of cold rainy weather and staying inside.

Hopefully, the rain will come soon, something I may have never thought before, and we can get a little sun before the end of September.

My Exercise

In spite of everything, I have stuck with my exercise goals. Today was the 96th consecutive day I met my exercise goals. While the smoky air, my inability to play ball, and the lethargy I have been feeling slowed me down, I have kept doing enough to meet my goals. When I want to quit, I think of Ufi playing through his painful tumor. I also think of how many days I have been successful. I would hate to give it up now.

Our Search for a New Dog

We applied for an older great Pyrenees named Sophie. Unfortunately, someone took her two days after I submitted the application. Even though I’m glad she has a home, I was disappointed by the news. For some reason, adopting her felt right. Now, we have to start over again.

Hang in There

When people ask how I am, I always think I’m hanging in there. Sometimes, I tell them that, and I add I think that’s the best we can do now. That idea feels right to me. I can’t imagine how someone could be super thrilled these days. If you are, I’m very happy for you. If you’re hanging in there, that’s okay too. It’s important to be honest with ourselves about how we are doing.

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