Ufi’s new Sign

This post is meant to show off the new sign we got to honor Ufi.

Around the time Ufi Died, we decided to put a sign up in the backyard honoring him. You see, the backyard was Ufi’s yard. How he loved playing back there and going in his pool. We got the artificial grass back there because of his allergies to grasses.

Since we started talking about Ufi’s sign, we have decided to get a sign honoring all of our animals as they pass. We are going to create a hall of fame for our beloved animals. Even though Emma passed prior to Ufi, we are going to get her a sign next.

Describing the Sign

The sign is a picture of Ufi with his front paws on a fence. His mouth is open and his tongue is showing. Under his paws on the fence it says, “Welcome To Ufi’s Backyard.”

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