Personal Updates for June 28, 2020

With everything that was happening with Ufi, I haven’t written much about myself lately. So, here is an update.

I have become very unhappy with my job. If something doesn’t change, I will need a new job.

Obviously, this isn’t the time to be looking for a new job. So, I’m going to keep trying to make things better and hope for the best. In the meantime, I will start asking people in the disability field who have more connections than me what they would do to find a better opportunity. I will also see what opportunities I can find that have nothing to do with disability. All things being equal, I would like to stay in the disability field. I feel like I have a lot to offer. But I would rather do something else than continue spinning my wheels the way I am now.

If, by chance, someone reads this and has suggestions, please contact me. I’m open and ready for something new and much more rewarding.

Since Ufi died, I have done a good job exercising every single day. I can see some small improvements in the way I feel and my ability to make baskets has gotten a bit better.

As good a source of motivation as Ufi is for exercising, he is not at all motivating when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. Ufi loved to eat. He would eat anything. We never saw him full.

Tomorrow would have been his tenth birthday. Since the sun will be out, we are having a barbecue for him. Next weekend will be a long one with lots of good food. So, I’m not going to wrestle with the diet beast until after the Fourth. At least I’m doing well with my exercise. It’s a start.

I guess I’ll stop here for now. I hope everyone is hanging in there during these difficult, strange times.

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