Ufi Update for March Seventh

It has been a little while since I gave an update about Ufi. So, here is the latest. This time, there is a surprise in the Ufi update.

Ufi is still hanging in there. His front and back right legs are getting worse, but he still seems happy. Given the cold wet weather we have been having, he hasn’t done much the last couple of days. Still, he is moving around the house and going in and out on his own.

Tonight, I spent more than an hour petting him and letting him know I love him. It was a very nice time for both of us.

As I was listening to hockey, Ufi was lying on the floor next to me. Suddenly, he got to his feet and went to the front door.

He barked a couple of times, and I knew he heard something outside. It’s nice knowing he is still interested in being protective.

Then, for the first time in a couple of months, Ufi started really growling. It was the kind of deep, ferocious growl I have only heard from him a few times.

When I got over to him, all of his hair was standing. His legs won’t let Ufi get in a crouch the way he used to do when he thought we were under threat. But he was standing with his face inches from the door. All of the hair on his neck and back was standing. The growl from deep in his chest made the hair on my neck stand.

I don’t know what he heard and/or saw, but a few minutes later he was lying on the floor in front of the couch.

I have no idea what he would have been able to do had someone broken in, but I’m certain Ufi would have fought to the death for me. Once again, I was left petting him and wiping tears from my eyes.

I will have other dogs. I will love other dogs. But I have no idea if I will ever trust a dog the way I have come to trust Ufi.

With everything he is facing, Ufi was ready to give what he has left for me. I love him so much!

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