Reviewing Vector

Robin Cook’s Vector is in the Jack Stapleton Lauri Montgomery series. Like all the books in the series I have read, Vector was educational and entertaining.

Yuri Davydof was a technician in the Soviet Union’s bioterrorism program. After time spent in prison, he made his way to the United States. Driving a cab, married to a woman he abuses, Yuri is angry at the country that lied to him about what was possible.

After meeting some right-wing terrorists looking to destroy government, Yuri has a way to get his revenge.

Medical examiner Jack Stapleton gets a case that turns out to be anthrax poisoning. Lauri Montgomery is investigating the brutal murder of a skinhead turned informant. As the story unfolds, we discover those seemingly unrelated victims are parts to a terrible plot.

Although I would recommend Vector, I will say one piece of the story was a bit too easy. I don’t like it when author’s solve problems with something that strikes me as too simple. In this case, having Yuri’s wife be the sister of one of Jack’s friends was too much.

Even though Vector had that one disappointment, it was worth the time.

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