Reviewing Chromosome 6

Chromosome 6 is one of Robin Cook’s Jack Stapleton & Lauri Montgomery books. Since I like medical thrillers, the Stapleton and Montgomery characters, and Robin Cook’s stories, I enjoyed Chromosome 6.

Shortly after underworld figure Carlo Franconi is gunned down, his body disappears from the New York City morgue. A few days later, a body with no head, hands, or feet is found floating in the ocean. When medical examiner Jack Stapleton autopsies the body, he discovers the person recently had a liver transplant.

While Jack and his colleague Lauri Montgomery investigate the identity of the body, a man who recently lost his medical license is desperately trying to keep his criminal conspiracy from being discovered. But involving the mob in his activities would turn out to be a dangerous decision.

Chromosome 6 was a solid read. I found the story entertaining and the characters enjoyable. If you like medical thrillers, Chromosome 6 will not disappoint.

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