Reviewing Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch is another exciting novel from Linwood Barclay. I enjoyed the characters and their complexities. The ending was a surprise. If you like mysteries, Elevator Pitch won’t disappoint.

Four people board an elevator in New York City. They press their buttons and the elevator begins climbing. Suddenly, the elevator goes crazy. By the end of its journey, three of the four people are dead and the fourth is clinging to life.

Each of the next two days, an elevator in New York City loses control. A city built around tall buildings is closed because of fear.

Barbara, a tenacious political journalist with a personal grudge against the mayor, is hot on the case. Two detectives, one of whom is battling PTSD, are desperate to discover how the mutilated body of an elevator technician figures into the crimes. A group of white supremacists explodes a taxi outside a hotel. Every few pages brings a new puzzle piece. Some of the pieces are interesting distractions. Some are valuable clues. Others are subtle clues I didn’t notice until the ending snuck up on me.

Elevator Pitch is certainly worth your time. From the interesting family dynamics, through the criminal investigation, Elevator Pitch offers a lot to hold your attention.

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