News Updates for November 3, 2018

This addition of news updates covers the following stories:

  • The migrant caravan
  • Lead in Newark’s water
  • Getting shot while practicing yoga
  • The election

The Migrant Caravan

Donald Trump is rallying his base by promoting outright lies and conspiracy theories about a migrant caravan from Central America walking through Mexico to the American border. According to Trump, the caravan is full of dangerous criminals, Muslim terrorists, and people wanting to have babies in America. There is no evidence of any of this, but evidence doesn’t matter to Trump and his racist, sexist supporters. So, Trump is planning to send thousands of American soldiers to the border to “stop” the caravan.

While there is much I could say about this, I’m going to limit myself to the one bit of commonsense you should know: the caravan is walking. It is hundreds of miles from our border. So, the caravan is more than a month from America. The military is going to the border to “protect” us from people who aren’t even close to the border. This is nothing more than exploiting our military for political purposes.

Lead in Newark’s Water

After a couple of years of lying, the government of Newark, New Jersey has finally admitted its water supply is contaminated with lead. There is absolutely no healthy dose of lead–especially for children.

Once again, government has not only failed to protect people from a clear danger–it has lied about the danger to protect itself.

Getting Shot While Practicing Yoga

A man walked into a Tallahassee, Florida yoga studio and began shooting. Two women are dead. Four people are injured. When the yoga practitioners fought back, the gunman killed himself.

I’m so tired of thinking about and writing about Americans being murdered while going about their days.

The Election

As I’m sure you know, the midterm election is Tuesday. Vote like your life depends on it–because the life you want to live does.

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