Reviewing Two Girls Down

Louisa Luna’s Two Girls Down Is one of the best suspense books I have recently read. I really enjoyed both Alice Vega and Max Caplin. They were developed, interesting characters. The surprising to me ending made the book a great read.

As always, I won’t give away important plot. The story centers around the disappearance of two young sisters from a shopping mall parking lot. The family hires bounty hunter Alice Vega to investigate. Vega teams up with Max Caplin, a disgraced former cop, to find the girls.

The ending is what truly made this book for me. Even though I didn’t like the guilty parties when they first appeared in the story, I didn’t foresee what they were doing. I even had sympathy for one of them.

After finishing Two Girls Down, I have found myself thinking about the characters, the plot, and some of the questions both created in me. When a book makes me think for a couple of days after I have finished, it’s a book I highly recommend. That’s especially true when I reread the climatic scenes before writing a review.

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