Reviewing Lee Child’s The Midnight Line

The Midnight Line is another in Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series. Even though the Reacher series is somewhat predictable, I always enjoy the books.

The Midnight Line is one of my favorite Reacher stories. It’s much better than the previous couple. In this one, Reacher doesn’t fight his way out of situations that seem improbable if not impossible. The added realism is important at this point in the series, because Reacher is now in his fifties. Obviously, not at his fighting best.

I never want to give out plot secrets in a review, but I will say The Midnight Line did surprise me more than once. It also touched on some human issues that are worth discussing. I really enjoyed Reacher’s relationship with Rose.

If you are a fan of the Reacher books, you will definitely enjoy The Midnight Line. If you like suspense and/or police stories, you will like the book too.

Before going, I want to say I was disappointed by two references Lee Child made about blindness. In both instances, Child insinuated a blind person would be less than competent. By doing so, he illustrated his lack of understanding of blind people and blindness. I’m thinking about writing him and correcting his sadly inaccurate perceptions of blind people.

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