What is the Biggest Problem Facing America?

There are several polls that try and tell us what issues matter most to the American public. Many pundits try and tell us what matters to us. But I want to know what you believe is the biggest issue facing America? If you want, feel free to rank several answers. I’m looking forward to your responses.


  1. One of the biggest problems today is how people have no respect for others. People have become so selfish when it comes to others. It doesn’t matter if it’s about health care or just helping someone with directions. They only think of themselves or their own immediate family.
    How did we become so hateful?

    1. I think there has always been a lot of hate. The Internet and constant television coverage make us more aware of the hate. They also create more hate. But hate has always been present.

      One thing that has become far more common over the last 20 years is the way right-wing politicians use hate to advance their campaigns. Trump is the first politician in decades to openly embrace the hate. That has given these people the belief that they can be more present and spout more of their hate.

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