Personal Updates for May 27, 2019

Today is my birthday. It didn’t get off to the best start, because I was in the emergency room until 2:30. But we will be having a barbecue this afternoon.

In my previous update, I said I was basically over an illness I battled for weeks. That turned out to be false.

For the last few days, my eyes had been a little leaky and uncomfortable. Feeling largely better, I started going about my business. Yesterday I did my elliptical, played some basketball, and studied for the ADA coordinator certification process. My eye was bothering me, but it wasn’t anything serious.

Last evening, it started getting really bad. Eventually, my eye began bleeding.

Since the troublesome eye is the one that is a prosthetic, it was concerning.

Given the complicating factor of my prosthetic eye, the emergency room at Providence sent me to the emergency room at Oregon Health Science University (OHSU). At OHSU, I discovered I’m still dealing with that illness. I have a viral infection that led to viral conjunctivitis in my eye. Since Providence thought I had fluid building up and that I would need surgery, I’ll take the virus.

The good news is I’m not publicly contagious. I have to ware a patch until OHSU figures out if my prosthetic needs replacing.

This was not the birthday I was expecting. It’s way better than being at the hospital considering major surgery. So, I’ll take it.

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