History is More Important Than Math

Obviously, everyone needs an education in basic math. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions are encountered by most people on a very regular basis. On the other hand, the vast majority of people rarely use algebra, calculus, or geometry.

History is sadly not valued the way reading, writing, and arithmetic are valued. This results in most people spending a lot of time in school learning things they will rarely have an occasion to use at the expense of gaining an understanding of the events that have gotten us to where we are.

This problem is made substantially worse by the sad reality that much of what we are led to believe is history is nothing more than an edited version of reality designed to limit exposure to the historical brutality of the white race.

The lack of honest history in America’s classrooms has left most Americans unable to appreciate the reasons behind the events of the day. I strongly believe that if more people had an understanding of actual history, more people would realize the historical benefits of a progressive society.

Obviously, we need some people to understand advanced mathematics. Just as obvious is the reality that we would be far better off if more people learned accurate history than learned algebra or geometry.

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