Reviewing The Automatic Millionaire

David Bach’s The Automatic Millionaire is an absolute must read for anyone interested in saving money. Even though I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about money, I learned a lot from Mr. Bach’s insightful work. What really stood out to me about The Automatic Millionaire is how well Mr. Bach communicated concepts that are often hard to understand and can sometimes be intimidating. If you read The Automatic Millionaire, you will realize that saving for retirement doesn’t have to be as hard as you may think. More importantly, you will learn several tools to help you achieve financial safety.

I stand by every word I just wrote. That being said, I don’t want to make it seem like I have forgotten the serious barriers to saving money that many people face. How well the system outlined in The Automatic Millionaire works for you will certainly be influenced by how much income you have, how much debt you owe, and a whole host of factors. Still, Mr. Bach’s guidance will improve anyone’s financial prospects–if they will give it a try.

I’m not going to give away Mr. Bach’s secrets, but I will say the key points are: to realize where you can save money; and to have that money automatically saved for you. If you save what you can, you will see your financial picture improve. That progress may encourage you to save more.

To my blind friends: the 2004 edition of The Automatic Millionaire is available on BARD. Even though it’s not the latest version, you will learn enough to understand the concepts behind The Automatic Millionaire.

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