Has the Last Year Affected your View of Human Nature?

The last year has been more difficult for me than I typically am willing to acknowledge. Even though I know it shouldn’t watching our country regress is affecting my view of people. I hate admitting that–but it’s true. The corruption, dishonesty, and hatred is making it harder for me to find the good in people. The idea that we are closer to nuclear war than we’ve been in decades is disturbing me. The ableism, sexism, racism, xenophobia, and general intolerance displayed by millions is leaving me wondering if our journey toward equality and our efforts to progress are going to be reversed.

For the first time, I can understand how Hitler came to power. That’s a lesson I never imagined being taught by an American president and a complicit, pathetic congress.

I want to believe this is a necessary step. I hope Tuesday’s elections are a sign that we are learning the lessons the past year has bluntly offered to teach. I know all of us must do what we can to derail the train that is racing in reverse. Sometimes, though, I find myself wondering if this is what millions are capable of, how can we believe people are generally good?

Has the last year affected your view of human nature? If so, how?

I'd love to hear from you.

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