Update on my Job Search

In It’s Personal, I gave an overview of my job search and some of the ways my inability to find work has affected me.

Early yesterday morning, I applied for a job in Phoenix, Arizona. My job search has reached the point where I must begin considering every opportunity, even those in other states.

Also yesterday, I attended another job fair. It was run jointly by Flourish Now and Incight. The fair was hosted by Beaverton Foursquare Church.

I want to thank everyone with Flourish Now, Incight, and Beaverton Foursquare Church. The event was very well done. The venue was excellent. The volunteers I met were outstanding.

A member of Incight’s staff and a pastor from the church gave me great advice in the construction of my pitch to potential employers. By the time I was done speaking with them, I felt like I had learned a much better way to quickly explain my blindness, the skills I have, and the opportunities I’m seeking.

With the pastor’s assistance, something I greatly appreciate, I had no trouble finding the booths I was interested in visiting. Thanks to the pep talk, I know I did the best job explaining myself that I’ve done at a job fair to date. I wound up getting more from yesterday’s job fair than I’ve ever gotten from a job fair. With the good vibes carrying over from yesterday, I’m feeling very optimistic about the job fair I’m attending today.

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