Introducing Ivor

a photo of Ivor
Ivor was my first dog guide. We met on March 23, 1998. We were physically together until July 3, 2009. Deciding I had to let Ivor go was the hardest decision I’ve ever made. The day we said goodbye was the worst day of my life to date. I’ll never forget walking out of the vet without him. The loneliness I felt when I returned to our empty apartment was crushing. When I’m able to face it, I’ll post the stream of consciousness I wrote sitting on my couch missing Ivor and wondering how I would make it without him.

Ivor was an example to all of us lucky enough to love him of how to love. I often wish I was the person I am now when Ivor was alive. I truly want to be able to give him the life loving him taught me to give Ufi.

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