Recapping Sessions’s Testimony

This episode begins with a brief timeline of events from Jeff Sessions’s confirmation hearing to James Comey being fired. I then discuss Session’s decision to recuse himself from the Russia investigation and his involvement in Comey’s firing.

This video is from NBc. It contains Session’s entire testimony before the Senate’s Intelligence Committee.

This page is from C-Span and has links to videos of Session’s confirmation hearing.
This story from The New York Times details Sessions’s confirmation as attorney general.
This article from CNBC discusses Session’s failure to disclose his meetings with the Russian ambassador.

This report from The New York Times talks about Session’s recusing himself from the Russia investigation.
Here’s a link to 28 CFR Section 45.2.
The Independent published the text of Rod Rosenstein’s memo about the firing of James Comey.

This is Lester Holt’s interview with Donald Trump.

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