How you can Help


I thought I would create a page letting people who follow my website know how they can help me promote it. Obviously, you aren’t under any obligation to do anything. I just wanted to create a page that explained the different ways you can help and that makes helping easier.

Site Security

I’ve added an SSL certificate to my website. This means that any information you share on this site cannot be stollen. So, you should have no fear about using an email address to post a comment or contact me.

Thank you

Before getting into the details of exactly how you can help, I want to thank those of you who have been visiting my website so far. Your visits and support have been most encouraging. I truly appreciate the feedback I’ve gotten. Please feel free to contact me with any comments you may have.

Share your Ideas

If there is a subject you would like me to discuss, please let me know. If something is interesting to you, I’m sure it would be interesting to others too.

Sharing and Liking Posts

Search Engines, like Google, put a lot of weight on the amount of content that is shared on social media. If you like any of my posts, feel free to use the sharing buttons beneath each post to share it with your friends.

There are also like buttons you can use to show your support for any individual post.


I would love to discuss the issues of the day with you. I will read every comment that’s submitted. I will reply to every comment that seems to need a reply. Active discussions would really help my website get noticed.

Subscribe to Jonathan’s Verdicts

Jonathan’s Verdicts is the name of my podcast. If you’re interested in subscribing to it, I have a page that/ lists all of the offered subscription options.

Follow me on Twitter

I have created a Twitter account for my website. It’s automatically updated every time I create a new post. I will also tweet about my life and retweet things I think you may want to see.

Follow me on Twitter.

Like my Website’s Facebook Page

My website’s Facebook page updates automatically every time I create a new post. I will also put posts about my life on the Facebook page and share stories you may find interesting.

Like my Website’s Facebook page.

Subscribe to my Blog

If you’re interested in getting emailed every time I create a new post, you can subscribe to my blog. The widget that allows you to subscribe is at the bottom of every page. In at least some mobile browsers, you need to click on the “visit full site” link.

RSS Feeds

If you use RSS (really simple syndication), I have two feeds you can use.

Here’s the feed for my new posts.

Here’s the feed for Jonathan’s Verdicts. Jonathan’s Verdicts is my podcast.

Thanks again

Thanks again for visiting my website. Any help you feel like offering would be truly appreciated.