Don’t Delete Facebook

I’m guessing most of us joined Facebook to share updates and information with friends and family. Some of us learned to enjoy Facebook groups of people with similar interests. Deleting Facebook would cause us to lose access to things we actually enjoy. So, the answer isn’t to delete Facebook. The answer is to remember why we joined Facebook in the first place and interact with it on our terms.

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I Have a Job!

Me in my lucky suit
March 1, 2018, started out as a normal day. March 1, 2018 will go down as one of the most important days of my life. As the title indicates, March 1, 2018 is the day my years-long job search came to an end. I no longer have to read through job listings, think about cover letters and resumes, and wonder when I’ll get another chance to prove what I can do. Very soon, I will start work as the Disability Equity Specialist in Portland’s Office of Equity and Human Rights.

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Making Yourself Irreplaceable

I have had many discussions about the value of a college diploma. In thinking about those discussions, I have come to one important conclusion: the key to finding a career that provides the benefits you need is to make yourself as irreplaceable as possible. Putting it simply, the easier you are to replace, the less your employer will care about you. That sounds harsh, but it’s true.

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