Changing the Speaker

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is considering rules changes in the House that make a ton of sense. Specifically, they want to make sure the speaker of the house is a bipartisan position.

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A Majority of Congress Supports Dreamers

In November of 2004, Speaker Dennis Hastert announced that the House would no longer allow bills to be voted on unless they were supported by a majority of Republicans. Thanks to the so-called Hastert Rule, the test of whether or not to allow members of the House to vote on a bill was no longer whether there were enough votes for the bill to pass; instead, the test was whether a majority of Republicans would vote yes. The Hastert Rule means that a minority of Republicans have more power in the House than do any members of both parties wishing to create bipartisan compromise.

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Financial Freedom for People With Disabilities

The Stephen Beck Jr. Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (ABLE Act) allows people with qualifying disabilities to establish tax-free financial accounts. I’m going to answer the questions I had about ABLE accounts when I began researching them. When I discovered what I am going to share with you, I couldn’t wait to create my own ABLE account.

I will take the questions in the order I believe makes the most sense. If you have any comments about ABLE accounts, feel free to share.

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