Getting Married Soon

In some ways, the reality that Desiree and I will be married in three days seems hard to believe. In other ways, the reality that Desiree and I will be married in three days seems absolutely wonderful! Sitting here in the middle of the night, thinking about our wedding, and looking forward to our life together, I can’t help but smile.


Those who have been following this blog for years know what a journey it has been for me to get here. Now that something I’ve always wanted is almost here, the feelings of excitement and love are almost hard for me to describe.

Finishing my vows felt so natural and right. I couldn’t mean every word of them more than I do. I am thrilled by the notion of standing in front of the small, important people who will be joining us and sharing some of what marrying Desiree means to me.

Being me, my vows will be different. I can’t say more, because I don’t want anyone guessing at what I’m doing. But I’m thinking about delivering them and smiling.

The last few months have not always been easy. But we are three days away from realizing a lifelong dream come true. On one hand, I want to saver the time. I want to live in and enjoy each moment as time passes to this incredible experience. On the other hand, I want to race through time and be standing next to Desiree and with those who impact our lives them most. I want to read my vows. I want to say how honored I am to have Desiree as my wife. But, then, there is the truth that I have been waiting for this my whole life. I know that most cherished of moments will only take place once in my life. So, I should slow down and let each moment linger.

It’s such a hard decision. The good news is the decision isn’t mine to make. In three days we will make everlasting memories and begin our amazing life together.

I can’t wait! Yet, I don’t want to rush!

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  1. I have all of those same feelings! We will have to keep reminding each other over the next few days to take a breath and saver all of the moments and memories we will be having.

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