Looking Ahead to 2023

Hours from the end of 2022 is a good time to look ahead to 2023. The things discussed in this post are not predictions. Nor are they entirely based on an order of hope on my part. The things discussed here are just personal things I hope happen in 2023. Circumstances may not allow for them to happen, but they are things I’m looking forward to happening in the next year.

Getting Married

Several things have to happen in order for Desiree and I to get married in 2023, but it sure would be wonderful if we did marry in the next year. Being married to the person who makes me a better man and who makes life so much more fun and interesting has been a lifelong goal of mine. Now that I have found the woman who has made those dreams come true, I can’t wait to finally make it happen. What could be more amazing than marrying your best friend? If it happens in 2023, I will be so lucky, and it will be an incredible year.

Getting Healthier

Given my blood pressure scare from October, 2023 must be the year I get healthy and develop a lifestyle that will keep me healthy. I have to be able to be productive while managing stress. And, of course, I have to develop a healthy eating lifestyle without dieting and not dieting.

Demand Our Access

Even though there is little interest yet in the Demand Our Access podcast and website, I’m enjoying putting the project together. I’m hoping that by the end of 2023 it will be a resource the disability community appreciates and one that helps create a more accessible inclusive world.

My Job

I hope 2023 finds me satisfied in my a career in a way I never have been before. It would be great if by the end of the year I was using my abilities and passion to make the kind of professional difference I know I can make and that so many entities truly need someone like me to make. The question, as it always has been when I write about this, is will I be able to find someone truly interested enough in including people with disabilities that they are willing to give a person with a disability actual authority to make real change?


While I could have written about several other topics, I want to keep this short and focused on the things that would truly make 2023 amazing. If I ended next year married to Desiree, healthier than I’ve ever been, helping the disability community demand our access, and working at a job that satisfied me, 2023 would be absolutely incredible!

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