Reviewing no Plan B

No Plan B is the latest in the Jack Reacher series. As always, I enjoyed a Reacher book, but I had to suspend reality a bit.

Early in the book Reacher is in a small Colorado town when he happens to see a woman get pushed under an oncoming bus. In looking through her purse, Reacher sees a photo of a man who is missing an ear. As the story unfolds, Reacher discovers that murder is connected to others and that the murders relate to a terrible corporate scandal.

By the end of the book, Reacher has killed several of the bad guys and solved the sinister crimes. Even though the end was quite predictible, Reacher’s usual entertainment and the connected subplots made the story worth reading. In thinking about the story now, I’m wondering if the kid mentioned in the story is going to become a larger part of the series. He could potentially be the replacement for Reacher. As I have written before, the idea that someone Reacher’s age is doing all he is doing doesn’t seem realistic enough.

As I always say, If you enjoy the Reacher books, you will enjoy No Plan B.

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