Reviewing The Case for a Job Guarantee

Given my life experience as a blind person who tried finding work for years with no success, I’m predisposed to supporting a job guarantee. Still Pavlina Tcherneva’s The Case for a Job Guarantee was a great read.

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Reviewing the Deficit Myth

Stephanie Kelton’s The Deficit Myth is one of the most thought-provoking books I have read in years. Setting aside the fact that this reality indicates I’m a nerd, The Deficit Myth is an important contribution to our understanding of the economy and government’s involvement in the economy.

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I Don’t Agree With UBI

The verdict for this episode is: UBI is too simplistic to work.

While I understand a universal basic income is needed during the pandemic, it is not an equitable solution to our long-term economic discrimination. In this episode, I discuss some of the reasons why.