Reviewing Diamond Mind Baseball

I have written before about missing baseball during coronavirus. To partially quench my thirst, I have been playing and enjoying Diamond Mind Baseball.

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Reviewing Tiger King

Yup, I watched Tiger King. It was real trashy entertainment. I rarely binge watch. Tiger King won’t change that.

I began the show believing zoos should be outlawed. Obviously, nothing in the show changed my mind. Zoos are cruel places that prevent animals from living anything that approximates their natural lives. There is simply no way to begin to make zoo life anything that looks and feels like life in the wild.

There wasn’t a single character I liked. They were either immoral, weak, or both.

As cynical as I can be, I couldn’t accept the idea that Joe Exotic came in third in Oklahoma’s race for governor, something the show discussed. The reality is he ran for the nomination of Oklahoma’s Libertarian Party and came in third in a three-person race. He only got 664 votes. The show really overplayed reality on that part of the story.

I think Joe Exotic deserved to be convicted. I hope many more people from the show wind up in prison.

Even though I watched all seven episodes, I’m glad it’s over. There is no way I would watch a second season. I felt dirty when I finished.

Democrats Want Meghan McCain’s Vote More Than Mine

The verdict for this episode is: Democrats care more about politics and power than people.

I discuss the lack of real opposition to the Electoral College, Biden’s support of people voting during a pandemic, Pelosi’s disinterest in providing oversight of the money being spent by the Treasury, how little Congress has done for people, and the reality that only AOC voted against the last bill.

Never Biden

The verdict for this episode is: coronavirus has shown why Biden is a terrible candidate.

In this episode I discuss a number of the ways coronavirus has shown the weakness of Biden’s proposals and the failures of his record.

All About Coronavirus

The verdict for this episode is: I won’t discuss politics or the economy in this episode.

I almost got through the episode honoring its verdict, but I slipped up in the last minute.

While acknowledging I was speculating, I discussed the potential waves of virus and what the next year or more could look like.