Biden Lied About Getting Arrested on the way to Meet Mandela

The verdict for this episode is: can you imagine what would happen if Bernie Sanders lied about meeting Martin Luther King?

In this episode, i demonstrate how Joe Biden has been lying about getting arrested in South Africa on the way to meet Nelson Mandela. I also highlight the unwillingness of many in the media to ask Biden about his lies. I conclude the media would act very differently if Bernie Sanders had lied about a meeting with Martin Luther King.

Thoughts After the South Carolina Debate

The verdict for this episode is: nothing happened during the debate to change the trajectory of the race.

In this episode, I discuss the lie that Bernie Sanders wanted to primary Obama, Sanders’s great answers on foreign policy, and add a few general comments about the race.

Thoughts After the Nevada Caucus

The verdict for this episode is: Bernie Sanders will be the next president of the United States!

In this episode, I discuss Bernie’s path to the nomination, how no one else has a path to the nomination, why the media doesn’t understand why we don’t care about the stock market the way they do, and how poverty is calculated to underestimate the number of Americans living in poverty.

Thoughts After the Nevada Democratic Debate

The verdict for this episode is: that was quite a night!

In this episode, I discuss the Nevada debate and its aftermath. Topics include: choosing a nomination through the delegate process; Elizabeth Warren’s changing positions; Bloomberg’s terrible night; Bloomberg’s racism and sexism; and what the pundits don’t get about Bernie Sanders’s message.

People are Dying

The verdict for this episode is: mean tweets are not the story!

In this episode, I use my own story of not having health insurance, being unable to pay for regular heat, and being on SNAP to show how the media’s focus on tweets demonstrates their elitist privilege.

I Won’t Vote for Bloomberg

The verdict for this episode is: nothing the centrists can say will make me vote for Bloomberg.

In this episode, I discuss the racism, sexism, and the purchasing of the election by Mike Bloomberg.

Reviewing Eugen V. Debs Speaks

Eugene Debs is the most famous American socialist. He ran for president several times around the beginning of the 20th century as a socialist. Around 1912, the Socialist Party had hundreds-of-thousands of members nationwide. Several mayors were elected under the Socialist Party banner and Debs got hundreds-of-thousands of votes during his runs for the presidency.

Eugene V. Debs Speaks is a collection of his speeches.

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Bernie Is the Leader

The verdict for this episode is: we can do this!

In this episode I look forward in the Democratic Party race. I discuss A Nevada Union’s wrong decision, Mike Bloomberg’s racism, Biden’s collapse, and Bernie’s path to the nomination.