Personal Updates for October 12, 2019

This post has updates on my eye, Ufi, and the new furnace.

My Eye

My eye is still bothering me. I can’t sleep when I want to or should. But it’s getting better. Over the last two days I have been able to sleep more. Also, it’s doing exactly what it supposed to be doing.

A new irritation is that the parts of my face that were covered in bandages and tape have developed a bit of a rash. I’m thinking the alcohol wipes I was using to clean my face weren’t helping. So, I’ve stopped using those. Now, my face is sometimes itchy. It’s another thing for me to work through.


I decided not to have Ufi tested for a tumor. He really hates going to the vet and he’s not a good patient. The vet suggested putting him on medicine to see if his constipation issues are being caused by a stomach bug. So far, her hunch is being proved correct. Ufi does seem to be getting better. We may have dodged another bullet. Ufi continues going longer than his diagnosis said he would. I can’t describe how happy that has made me.

Update on the Furnace

After two different repairs, the new furnace seems to be working appropriately. The cost was obviously not what I wanted now. But at least we have a new furnace that isn’t poisoning us. The complete five-year warrantee is also a good point. No matter what happens, I won’t have to put more money into this furnace for five years.

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