Mr. Rogers Update

Mr. Rogers had his left eye removed yesterday. Going into the surgery, we were hopeful his long-term eye problem had become glaucoma and removing the eye would make him better. The vet believes there is an 80 percent chance Mr. Rogers has cancer.

It’s hard for me to imagine the wonderful little guy has cancer. He is doing so well. Less than 24 hours after major surgery, he is at the front door wanting to go outside. He is eating and drinking normally. He seems like my special little buddy.

We will have the results of the biopsy in three to five days. Even though I know it could be terrible news, I’m going to be hopeful. I’m thinking if he had cancer, especially in the brain, he wouldn’t be doing so well.

Let’s finish with a funny story.

We brought him home with instructions to deny him food until this morning. For more than two hours, Mr. Rogers sat in front of his bowl. It was sad watching him want food and knowing we weren’t supposed to feed him.

Mom, who can’t help but feed the animals or do whatever else they tell her, was so upset she announced she was going to bed. She couldn’t watch him be so sad and not give him dinner.

I texted our vet and asked about feeding. I let her know Mom was going a bit crazy.

Our vet said the only risk was Mr. Rogers could get sick.

Mom decided to feed him. If Mr. Rogers got sick, she would clean up after him.

The little guy ate his dinner and had no trouble holding it down.

We are going to love him, keep him inside for two weeks, and hope for the best.

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