Personal Update for November 23, 2018

This personal update covers: online dating; home improvements; Ufi’s health; and Thanksgiving.

Online Dating

I haven’t said anything about online dating for weeks. The reason is very simple: there has been nothing to say. Last week, I canceled my online account with Plenty of Fish. I can’t ever imagine myself trying online dating again. I won’t say the experience was useless, because I know I learned something from it. But I’m now finally convinced I will not find love through online dating.

I realize I’m not what the vast majority of women want. But I know I’m what more women should want than realize it. I also know I’m not just looking for any woman. I really want the magic. I haven’t been single for way too long to settle.

I’m only going to find that special someone by putting myself out there and letting people see me with more detail than online dating allows. Maybe I’ll find love online in a platform that lets me show me. Maybe I’ll find love by getting more involved at work or putting myself out in the community. One thing I now know is I won’t find love through online dating.

Home Improvements

When I bought this house, I knew there were a few things that needed work. One of those things, the gutters, has demanded attention. A leak in one of the corners has caused a bit of dry rot to form. If the gutters aren’t replaced the dry rot will get worse. Eventually, the other corners will start rotting too. This is because the gutter system is 30 years old and no longer drains effectively. So, next Friday I’m having the gutters replaced and the dry rot that does exist fixed.

I’m in the process of looking at getting insulation added to the attic and the crawl space. I’m also thinking about getting a proper exhaust system added to the kitchen fan and a fan added to the main bathroom. I have found good financing options for those projects, but I’m going to wait to see how a few other things unfold before going forward.

It’s hard when things break and you’re a homeowner. You can no longer call someone and leave the repairs to them. Still, I wouldn’t change this experience for anything. I love my little house and all the joy it has brought us.

Ufi’s Health

Ufi’s latest skin infection required another round of antibiotics. Even though we were administering the wrong dose, because I didn’t realize he was to get two pills twice a day, Ufi is getting better. Thanks to the mistake, he will be on antibiotics a little longer.

We are thinking the skin infection was caused by the dose of steroids being too low. We were trying to see how low a dose of steroids he needed. One pill a day was too low. So, he’s back to getting one pill twice a day. Let’s hope this works.


I had a really nice Thanksgiving. Mom, as usual, made a tremendous dinner. The family dynamics, which were questionable going in, went very well. With a little luck, things can keep improving. I know it would mean a lot to Mom if we had more dinners like we had yesterday.

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