Explaining the Republican Tax Bill

The verdict for this episode is: Republicans care way more about corporations than people.

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Making Yourself Irreplaceable

I have had many discussions about the value of a college diploma. In thinking about those discussions, I have come to one important conclusion: the key to finding a career that provides the benefits you need is to make yourself as irreplaceable as possible. Putting it simply, the easier you are to replace, the less your employer will care about you. That sounds harsh, but it’s true.

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Reviewing Luke Harding’s Collusion

The Guardian’s Luke Harding has written an incredibly detailed, informative book about Russia’s involvement with Trump, the Trump campaign, and the 2016 election. In Collusion Dirty Money, Secret Meetings, And How Russia Helped Trump Win Harding describes Trump’s 30-year relationship with Russia. Even for someone, like me, who has followed the Russia investigation passionately, Harding’s work is truly worth the time.

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