CFPB has Recovered Billions for Consumers

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has been operating for seven years. During that time, it has recovered 12 billion dollars for nearly 30 million Americans.

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GOP Senators Should Promise to Expel Moore

The response of nearly every Republican senator to Roy Moore’s pedophilia and sexual assault of a minor has included the words “if true.” Anyone who read the account of the victims and the dozens of witnesses who report being told of the incidents around the time they occurred would not be engaging in the kind of victim shaming that the GOP is currently encouraging and supporting.

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Access Journalism

Watching some coverage of the disgraceful Roy Moore situation, I was bothered by the lack of difficult questioning of GOP senators. Then it hit me: journalists are generally unwilling to ask the powerful difficult questions and fail to challenge lies because their jobs depend on access.

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