John Kelly is Disgracing the Uniform

Last night, John Kelly was interviewed on Fox News. Whatever credibility he maintained after the pathetic press conference where he lied about Congresswoman Frederica Wilson is now gone. In the interview, Kelly demonstrated that his worldview is as sexist and racist as is the worldview of Donald Trump.

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Summarizing George Papadopoulos’s Guilty Plea

George Papadopoulos, a national security adviser to the Trump campaign, has pled guilty to making false statements to the FBI under 18 U.S. Code Section 1001. The below details come from the statement of the offense (a statement of the facts that Papadopoulos has confirmed. The things reported in the statement of the offense aren’t the entire list of facts that Papadopoulos has shared with prosecutors; instead, they are a list of facts the prosecution deems sufficient to show guilt. Let’s begin with what Papadopoulos and the prosecution say actually happened.

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Ufi has a Skin Infection

Last weekend, Mom noticed that Ufi had a sore on the inside of each of his back legs. I missed the sore, because he loves it when I scratch his tummy. She tried trimming the matted hair around the sores and we applied some Neosporin. We would have done more, but Ufi is a terrible patient. He cries at the slightest touch when it’s a touch he doesn’t want. The sore got a little better, but Ufi kept wanting to lick off the Neosporin.

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John Kelly is not Admirable

The verdict for this episode is: John Kelly’s press briefing was not only dishonest, but it was evidence of his outdated beliefs.

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Would you Make the Trade?

If you’re a citizen of a country outside America, would you trade your country’s system of health care and government benefits for Americas?

If you’re a citizen of America, would you trade America’s system of health care and government benefits for a system like those offered in most every other country?

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